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A Program That Supports Your Well Being
For specialty medications you take on your own, the Specialty Pharmacy Program provides all the benefits and services you need to effectively manage your condition with the right level of clinical support. Learn more about the benefits of the Specialty Pharmacy Program.
Coordinated Care
The Specialty Pharmacy Program focuses on coordinated care. That means your pharmacist, doctor and health care providers always know how you’re doing and work together for you to provide consistent and comprehensive care.
One on One Support
Once you enroll in the Clinical Management Program, each specialty trained pharmacist or nurse can assist you with:
  • Managing your condition
  • Tracking your progress
  • Answering your questions
Access to a Pharmacist 24/7
Specialty pharmacists will assist you with:
  • Transferring your prescription to a specialty pharmacy
  • Helping you find affordable access to your medication
    and manage any side effects
  • Explaining how the Specialty Pharmacy Program works
Services & Extras
Unlike regular retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies offer many extra services, such as:
  • Many medication-related supplies at no added cost
  • Support through clinical management & adherence programs for certain conditions
  • Proactive refill reminders
  • Timely delivery and shipping in confidential, temperature-sensitive packaging
Continue Conversations
Once enrolled, you can talk with your pharmacist or nurse at any time to address any changes, such as:
  • Complications in your therapy
  • Side effects of medication(s)
  • Trouble remembering to take your medication(s)
Stay on the Right Track
Your specialty pharmacist or nurse can help you find
programs to stay on track with your health, such as:
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Back pain
  • And more
Find Your Medication
It's easy to find information on your medication and where you can get it:
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